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Linocut Book Cover Design

Last year, the publisher Uitgeverij Van Oorschot approached me about using one of my aviation-themed linocut prints as the cover illustration for a new book project. It's for their Dutch translation of the Antoine de Saint-Exupery book titled, "Pilote de Guerre" ("Oorlogsvlieger" in Dutch). You might know the French author (and aviator) from his classic book, "The Little Prince."

They chose my block print, "On the Way" for their book cover design. The print is made from three hand-carved linoleum blocks. In the photo below, I'm preparing to print the final block with the airplane wing and engine.

Airplane linocut print used for the book cover

Airplane linocut print used for the book cover

Here's how the publisher used my print in their book cover design. I'm absolutely thrilled to have played a small part in this exciting project!

Nu verkrijgbaar! Oorlogsvlieger van Antoine de Saint-Exupéry #oorlogsvlieger #antoinedesaintexupéry

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Nature's Effects on the Body and Brain - Linocut Print

About a year ago, I read a wonderful article in National Geographic titled, "This Is Your Brain On Nature," written by Florence Williams. It spurred me to read more about how spending time in nature positively impacts your brain and body. For instance, exposure to nature seems to have restorative benefits and be a good reducer of stress. There's a ton of research out there (here's a nice summary) including these articles in The Atlantic and Outside Magazine.

I spent time thinking about this and wanted to create a print inspired by both the scientific research and my own family's love of outdoor adventures. This is the resulting linocut print titled, "Mend," that I made from three carved blocks of linoleum. The poster is currently available in my Etsy shop.

" Mend " Linocut Print (2016)

"Mend" Linocut Print (2016)

Airport Art Poster - Departure Board Linocut

I recently finished a new airport print featuring a departure sign (I talked about this art project and my passion for airports in this previous post). The linocut print is inspired by the big departure boards hanging in international airport terminals, particularly the older ones like the flip-disc and split-flap displays. The split-flap boards made by companies such as Solari di Udine are probably the most iconic type. This article about artists using departure boards from Atlas Obscura (thanks to my friend who sent this to me!), talks about how a lot of these boards are being taken out of airports and train stations and being replaced by digital displays.

This new print was a lot of fun to conceptualize and plan. I really got to geek out on the details. It's made from two hand-carved linoleum blocks (not three like I was initially planning). I first printed the yellow layer to give the text and signage its color, and once that layer was dry, I printed the black on top.

Working on a new VW Vanagon linocut print
Lately, I've been focused on a new linocut print featuring a Volkswagen Vanagon. It's going to be printed as a 16"x20" poster when I'm done.  Here's a sneak peek of the project.

Making a few minor changes to this linoleum block this morning. Hope to print it later this week. #printmaking #linocut #wanderlust
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