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Working on a new VW Vanagon linocut print
Lately, I've been focused on a new linocut print featuring a Volkswagen Vanagon. It's going to be printed as a 16"x20" poster when I'm done.  Here's a sneak peek of the project.

Making a few minor changes to this linoleum block this morning. Hope to print it later this week. #printmaking #linocut #wanderlust
Posted by Boarding All Rows on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A couple new tropical linocut prints

I've finished some new block prints over the last couple months including these two - Kauai and Ocean. Both were inspired by my travels to places like Hawaii, Samoa and the Cook Islands, as well as my son's fascination with ocean creatures. They were printed with oil-based relief ink on my etching press.

Kauai - Linocut Print

For Ocean, I used two blocks, one for the water and another for the fish, which I carved and printed using the reduction technique.

Ocean - Linocut Print

Airport Code Art Posters for the West Coast

One of my most popular linocut prints over the years has been this small West Coast map. I've always wanted to make a much bigger one and it's finally done. This new map block print features the airport codes of major cities on the West Coast, including San Francisco (SFO), San Diego (SAN), Los Angeles (LAX), Portland (PDX) and Seattle (SEA). The limited-edition print comes in two different colors and was made by the reduction method (on the first block) plus a second block for the text and flight path design.

"Pacific Coast" airport code linocut print

New Linoleum Block Print - Port of Oakland & Deconstruction of the Bay Bridge

A couple times a week, I'll spot the 77-year old, double-decked eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in the distance. A new, seismically safer span has been constructed and they're currently demolishing the old section.

The Bay Bridge being demolished

I have a soft spot for the aesthetics of the older one and I think it's fascinating to watch how they orchestrate the take down of such a huge bridge. Before it's all gone, I wanted to make a print. It's a project I've been excited about for a while but it took a lot of sketching and planning for it to come to fruition. This is how the linocut print turned out and it's available in my Etsy store.

Linocut print - "Deconstruction" - The Bay Bridge & Port of Oakland

Linoleum block print - close-up of "Deconstruction" - The Bay Bridge & Port of Oakland