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New California Prints: Oakland Port, Mt. Tam, Half Dome and a California Map

This is a new Mt. Tamalpais linocut made using both the reduction and jigsaw methods. It's a limited edition of 16 prints. For those interested in geometry, its composition takes into account the golden ratio. And, yes, I know everyone's eyes glazed over that last part...

Mt. Tamalpais - Linocut Print

I finally finished this 12" x 16" linoleum block print inspired by the view of San Francisco across the bay from Oakland.

Oakland Port / San Francisco - Linocut Print

Half Dome is one of the iconic sights of California's beautiful Yosemite National Park. This is the second woodcut print in my Yosemite series - the first being El Capitan.

Half Dome - Woodblock Print

At first glance this might not look like a map of California. It's a linocut print showing the busiest airports in the state. I also have a U.S. version and some people have told me that these map prints remind them of chemistry and biology.

California Map - Linocut Print

New Brayer and Tokyo Sketch

Some people geek out over smartphones, others, designer, a new 8-inch, 28-durometer, Japanese printmaking brayer (i.e. the roller in the photo). Yes, I just wanted to use the word 'durometer' in a sentence...great Scrabble word, isn't it. I can't wait to see how this thing rolls out ink. Below is a sketch I'm working on for a new 8"x10" Tokyo-themed woodcut.

A new shipment of paper arrived yesterday, the house is now's time to work.

Two New Relief Prints

The ink is still wet on this 3-color linocut I finished a couple days ago. I have yet to number the edition but hope it will come in at 14-15 prints. The sky was done by reduction and then a second block was carved for the silhouette. If you'd like more details on the step-by-step of this print, please feel free to check out the past few blog posts.

Linocut Print

And, this is how the El Capitan woodblock print I previously mentioned turned out.

El Capitan, Yosemite National Park - Woodcut Print

Relief Prints in Progress

There are a couple different print projects hanging from the drying rack in various stages of completeness. The mountain print is coming along with one more wood block to print, which will add detail to the peak.

The streetscape at the bottom of the photo, though, has just been started with a light greenish blue layer. I was happy with how this delicate color printed, as I don't use pastel colors much. Next will be some darker highlights to the sky.

Relief prints in progress

Mountain Print Underway & Registration Issues

Sometimes I put aside a carving project - like this Nepalese mountain print - when I can't figure out what direction to head. I posted about this print last August as I was carving a block of Shina wood for the mountain detail. The sky stumped me, though, so it was put on the back burner for five months. Now I have a plan I'm excited about and have printed the first two of four blocks (two wood and linoleum blocks each). I was happy with the semitransparent darker color having battled some new registration issues. Who knew it would be so difficult to register both lino and wood blocks for the same print?

Mountain Relief Print - Work in Progress