New California Prints: Oakland Port, Mt. Tam, Half Dome and a California Map

This is a new Mt. Tamalpais linocut made using both the reduction and jigsaw methods. It's a limited edition of 16 prints. For those interested in geometry, its composition takes into account the golden ratio. And, yes, I know everyone's eyes glazed over that last part...

Mt. Tamalpais - Linocut Print

I finally finished this 12" x 16" linoleum block print inspired by the view of San Francisco across the bay from Oakland.

Oakland Port / San Francisco - Linocut Print

Half Dome is one of the iconic sights of California's beautiful Yosemite National Park. This is the second woodcut print in my Yosemite series - the first being El Capitan.

Half Dome - Woodblock Print

At first glance this might not look like a map of California. It's a linocut print showing the busiest airports in the state. I also have a U.S. version and some people have told me that these map prints remind them of chemistry and biology.

California Map - Linocut Print