Airport Code Art and Travel Posters for Airport Lovers

I admit it, I'm ridiculously fascinated by airports and passing through them while traveling is something I truly look forward to. Whether it's enjoying all the amenities that Singapore's Changi Airport (SIN) offers, stopping over at tropical Honolulu (HNL) in the middle of the night while crossing the Pacific Ocean or just arriving at the international departures terminal at my local San Francisco International Airport (SFO) bound for an overseas adventure.

Airports and travel have always been major inspirations in my artwork. Over the years I've made numerous travel posters made from hand-carved blocks of linoleum and printed on archival paper. Check out my linocut process page for more details on how my prints are made.

Airport Departure Board Linocut Print

Printed with professional ink on white acid-free paper, this 16" x 20" poster celebrates the departure boards found in international terminals around the world. I wrote about this print and airport departure boards, generally, in this blog post.

World Airport Poster

An aviation-themed linocut print showing the busiest airports around the world.  Sorry, it's not recommended for navigation :)

World Airport Poster

World Airport Poster

West Coast Airport Code Print

One of my bestselling prints of all-time, this linocut is made with a blend roll, which gives its characteristic color gradient across the print. Featuring airports such as Los Angeles (LAX), Seattle (SEA) and Portland (PDX).

United States Airport Lino Print

An 8" x 10" print highlighting the busiest airports in the Untied States.

United States Airport Print | Printed from this Hand-Carved Linoleum Block

United States Airport Print | Printed from this Hand-Carved Linoleum Block

Airplane Window Seat Print

Made from a hand-carved linoleum block, this print is inspired by the views I've enjoyed over the years from the window seat. Now my young kids get to enjoy that same experience.

World Airport Code Art Print

This 11" x 14" poster, printed from two linoleum blocks, features the airport codes of major cities around the globe, including Hong Kong (HKG), London's Heathrow (LHR), and New York's JFK Airport (JFK).

Gifts for Travelers, Flight Attendants, Pilots and Airport Geeks

My travel prints can be found in homes and offices around the world and are available for sale on Etsy. They're perfect for your favorite traveler, flight attendant or air-traffic controller.

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