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Linocut Technique: Transferring Image from Key Block to Second Linoleum Block

Yesterday, I worked on the train linocut print in this photo. Lately, I've been using the reduction method a lot for multi-color prints but for this one I'm going to carve multiple blocks of linoleum. In order to do this, I carve an image in the first block (known as the key block), ink it and crank it through my press to give me the image on a piece of paper. I usually always print it on paper but I picked up a tip at a recent workshop and now print it on a sheet of clear acetate (incidentally, I found a compostable acetate).

I take that wet print on acetate, and ensuring correct registration with a jig, lay it on a blank second linoleum block and run that through my press, as shown in the photo. By registration, I mean that the image is lined up correctly so that the multiple blocks line up correctly when finally printed. I now have a guide printed on the second block to help with carving. When finished carving, each block will be used for a different color and they'll be printed sequentially on printmaking paper to get one multi-color image.

Transferring Image from Key Block to Second Linoleum Block