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Lake Tahoe Block Print and T-Shirt

Made some of these Lake Tahoe linocut prints today...good to be back at the press after too long.

Feels good to be back printing. I'll have some of these #Tahoe #linocut prints in my shop in February. #laketahoe #California #travel #printmaking #art #print #artist #outdoors #nature #hiking #camping
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Last month, I took the same block and printed a long-sleeve t-shirt for myself.

Lake Tahoe Block Printed T-Shirt

Mt. Tamalpais Linocut Print

I feel lucky to be able to see Mt. Tam everyday, including at the end of the day as the sun sets over the Pacific. I love seeing it from different angles and in changing weather conditions as you travel through the East Bay, Marin County and San Francisco.

Here's a new five-color linocut print - the second in a series (the first Mt. Tam print). This limited edition block print is made partially by the reduction method where the same linoleum block is used to print multiple colors in the print. After a color is printed on the paper using my etching press, more of the block is carved away for the next color. The print can never be replicated because the block has been carved away during the creation process. Two blocks were used for this print.

Two New Relief Prints

The ink is still wet on this 3-color linocut I finished a couple days ago. I have yet to number the edition but hope it will come in at 14-15 prints. The sky was done by reduction and then a second block was carved for the silhouette. If you'd like more details on the step-by-step of this print, please feel free to check out the past few blog posts.

Linocut Print

And, this is how the El Capitan woodblock print I previously mentioned turned out.

El Capitan, Yosemite National Park - Woodcut Print

Lake Tahoe Linocut and a New Poster

Lake Tahoe Linocut

This is how the Lake Tahoe linocut that I recently posted about turned out after the final colors were printed. It's a reduction print and will be a very small edition (less than 10 prints) after I toss out the misprints.

With two shows in December and a camping trip coming up, I'm happily cranking out several new prints including this 10"x13" ski-themed poster. The first block (sky and mountains) was done in multiple shades of gray and I'm now carving the second block (on the right of the photo), which will be printed on top of the first image with green, blue and black.